SenateSHJ understands the health and care sector and its many opportunities and challenges. 

Rising rates of chronic disease are increasing costs to the community. As this financial and social burden grows, so does the complexity of the challenges we face.

Change is becoming harder both at an individual and a system level.

At the same time, there are advances in precision medicine, data and health technologies. These are providing opportunities that are driving change within the healthcare system.

Our expertise across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector means we understand the complexities of the regulatory and funding systems. We also have broad experience in navigating the challenges in public health as well as what it takes to change systems and behaviours.

We understand the importance of community and stakeholder expectations, and the need for robust strategies. We develop creative approaches that deliver real health outcomes.

Ultimately, we work with clients to improve health outcomes — at an individual, community, country and regional level.

How we've helped our clients