Jodie Wrigley

Head of Health and Social Change


Jodie is a communication and behaviour change specialist with more than 20 years’ experience.

Her expertise lies in developing and driving strategic public education and behaviour change campaigns spanning multiple stakeholder groups. She is a member of the PRIA and AASM, has held both in-house and consultancy roles and manages projects in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

With a particular passion for making a difference to the health and social challenges faced by the community, Jodie has extensive experience in the areas of vaccination, smoking cessation, eye health, and primary care as well as oncology, immunology, cardiology and medical research.

In addition, as a media and crisis communication specialist she regularly provides issues and crisis facilitation and media coaching support to leadership teams.

Working on projects for both the public and private sector, Jodie has supported a wide range of government agencies, companies, not for profits, professional bodies and industry associations across a number of sectors including health, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, education and telecommunications.

Jodie is also a postgraduate lecturer in social marketing and crisis communication at the University of Sydney.

SenateSHJ value Restless

“I love the saying — 'you learn something new every day'. I never want to get comfortable or go through the motions. There’s always a different way to look at the world, take a fresh perspective or consider an alternative path to get to a solution.”