We work with organisations that are transforming and evolving where they are going and how they are organising themselves for success.

We know that traditional change methodologies tend to follow a ‘one size fits all’, linear path which results in employees feeling that change is being imposed upon them. SenateSHJ recognises change occurs when individuals feel a sense of control.

Our philosophy draws on extensive research into human development and the nature of complex adaptive systems. We use a range of methodologies, including the Four Rooms of Change® from Sweden, to help organisations create the right environment for change, enable and engage people, and embed the change. Importantly, it gives leaders and staff the space to make their own courageous choice about the future. 

Our change interventions include the Organisational Barometer® which enables teams to have robust conversations about where they are in the change journey, why they are there, and the tangible actions that will lead to sustainable change.

Angela Scaffidi, Australia's change practice lead, is a highly regarded change practitioner in the health and education systems.   

How we've helped our clients