Digital and content marketing that puts your audience first.

SenateSHJ helps clients realise the potential role that digital thinking, processes and outputs can play in strengthening their reputation and business.

Our work in the digital space integrates with all our services through delivering strategic insight and direction, facilitating digital transformation, improving internal capabilities as well as preparing for, and managing, crises and issues.

We use data to create content that matters to the people who matter to you. We learn about you, your content, your competitors and other relevant publishers before planning, producing and publishing content that means something to your audience and compels them to feel and/or act; we immerse, assess, plan, produce, publish, monitor and engage, and report.

With help from our in-house content marketing agency, Kamber, we can work with clients to create digital strategies, videos, UX design, animations, graphics, blogs and social media posts for your audience.

How we've helped our clients