Elisa Brear

Senior Client Director


Elisa is a communications professional with over 10 years experience in the government, private and non-profit sectors.

Her expertise includes strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, publicity and media relations, and public policy development. She is a skilled writer and has published content for a range of audiences.

Elisa has led the design and execution of national communication programs for financial, professional services and social enterprise organisations. She has extensive experience in government, having worked in strategic policy, community consultation and internal communications across multiple agencies.

Elisa has provided specialist communications advice to executive leadership teams and is particularly interested in helping organisations lead sustainable change. 

Prior to joining SenateSHJ, Elisa was at public relations firm, Arize Communications, where she led strategy and content development for corporate and social enterprise clients.

SenateSHJ value Grounded

“Communication is the great enabler, it shapes how we think, act and feel. I love working with others to create meaningful communication that drives positive impact.”