Ciara McMullan

Marketing Officer


As marketing officer for SenateSHJ Ciara ensures the implementation and delivery of our strategic marketing plan, bringing with her extensive corporate process knowledge. An organisational genius and project management extraordinaire, Ciara supports all aspects of communication and is a leading brand ambassador.

Her strong graphic design skills are an invaluable asset for client projects and marketing materials, and her extensive brand knowledge ensures consistency throughout project deliverables.

Ciara’s instinctive knowledge of SenateSHJ and excellent internal and external stakeholder management are highly valued across the company. Her cool head and creative energy ensure projects are delivered efficiently and innovatively, with great attention to detail.

Ciara has developed extensive corporate and creative knowledge as the office manager and design guru in the SenateSHJ Sydney office. Prior to this, she was based in London working in as an office manager and brand ambassador for a South African diamond mining company.

Ciara graduated with a BA in Fine Arts (Hons) from the University of Johannesburg.

SenateSHJ value United

"I love building a fun and positive team culture. Getting the office to bake in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council, organising annual Easter egg hunts and Deck your Desk Christmas competitions are just some of the events I organise in the Sydney office. It brings energy and reward to a very hard working team."