Crisis Counsel:

What lawyers truly think of crisis communicators

We partnered with Dr Tony Jaques in a first of its kind study where lawyers were asked about their role in a crisis and how it integrates with professional communicators. 

The report identifies what areas can be improved and useful recommendations for all executives and senior leaders.

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We interviewed senior lawyers across five countries and here's what we found.

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Staying calm, cool and collected is key for CEOs.

  • Be guided by your governing principles and values
  • Maintain confidentiality in a crisis and don't breach it, despite the stress
  • If the lawyer says the communications advice will jeopardise your position, take the legal advice.
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"The best outcomes are when the lawyer and communication person respect each other's role, there is no ego in terms of who leads, and both advisors are focussed solely on their client's best interests." 

- Lawyer

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Communicators have a clear role to play.

  • Respect each other's roles
  • Define roles early and with clarity
  • "Help me help you" is key for collaboration