Juliette Alush

Consulting Partner


Juliette has worked in executive roles across a broad range of industries and specifically in the health sector for the past 15 years.

She started her career in the airline industry where she developed her expertise in leading change and organisational transformation, working with global airlines such as British Airways.

Juliette has dedicated her career to partnering with business and health sector leaders to achieve their vision and strategy through innovation, transformation and the creation of vibrant and agile workplace cultures.

She was the executive lead responsible for the cultural transformation at Western Health in Victoria and has worked with some of Australia’s largest health services, including the Canberra Health Service. Juliette has supported the engagement of clinical teams and non-clinical teams to operationalise the Health Service’s new vision and strategic direction.

Juliette has a deep understanding of the challenges facing leaders in both clinical and non-clinical roles as they meet the demands of a changing global health industry. Juliette has completed a range of leadership programs and is an alumni of the Harvard and Stanford Business Schools.