Four Rooms of Change® — a personal experience


As someone who is quite comfortable telling myself that everything is OK when it may not be, and knowing that Self-censorship is one of the states of mind — or rooms — of The Four Rooms of Change®, I started the accreditation process with some trepidation, as well as excitement. Would I be forced to move out of my comfort zone? What is my comfort zone anyway?

I knew a little about The Four Rooms of Change® having seen it used to support change with a range of SenateSHJ clients in the last couple of years but I was looking forward to understanding it from the inside.

The first thing I appreciated is the depth of the research and thinking that it is based on. Initially I wondered how much had been adapted or changed over the last few decades but I quickly realised that the fundamentals have remained consistent since its inception and have been applied in situations as different as classrooms, global companies, government departments, not for profits, and professional service firms.

The accreditation process normally takes place over three separate sessions. For the group that I was part of, two of the sessions were held in one week and the third was held 12 months later once we had all had an opportunity to conduct our own facilitation sessions. It was intense but I noticed that everyone continued to give their whole attention to the group sessions, including one participant who was managing one of those situations that we all hope we never have to.

At the end of the first week, we had completed the Introduction, Personal Dialectics and the Organisational Barometer elements of The Four Rooms of Change®. We had practiced it in front of each other, deep-dived into what it might mean for different teams or organisations, and learnt more about ourselves and others.

For me, a core benefit of The Four Rooms of Change® is increased self-awareness and knowledge of change as a constant in our lives. Change isn’t something that happens to us for a finite period of time, rather it is something that we participate in all day, every day. Most importantly, I have been able to share what I learnt during the accreditation process with a range of people and seen them respond in the same ‘aha’ way. 

If you are interested in becoming accredited in the Four Rooms of Change® in 2019 please get in touch.