Rock the boat baby


In 10 years’ time, chances are, we’ll look back and wonder why the fuss over our New Zealand Prime Minister giving birth to a child, while holding office.

The world will have moved on by then and we’ll have embraced a new normal, where our pool of potential leaders is greatly expanded.

In the current (global) environment, public perceptions of suitable leaders limit our choice. We have a narrow view of the profile that a leader should fit and the way they should behave.

Jacinda Ardern has rocked the boat in ways we didn’t expect.

She is a popular leader with a refreshing message of inclusion. In its simplest form, her leadership style makes politics more relatable for more people.

At the other end of the spectrum of unexpectedness is Donald Trump who has tipped the boat over. Love or loathe him, the Donald has changed perceptions of political leadership and of the type of person who can make it to the Oval Office.

His penchant for showmanship – like public signing of executive orders – is a master stroke in PR and populism.

Our new political leaders are turning conventions on their head as well as widening the pool of potential future leaders.

By the time of baby Ardern’s 10th birthday, let’s hope voters have removed the shackles of narrow perceptions of leadership and choose the right person for the job, not the conventional one.