Victorian Department of Human Services – Influenza Pandemic Plan

SenateSHJ developed a whole-of-government communication strategy to engage key influencer groups in planning effectively for a potential influenza pandemic.

We created a strategy that drove collaboration across the many stakeholders and players who may be involved before, during and after a pandemic – including essential services, health workers, business and community leaders, and government employees. In developing the strategy, we used the Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) methodology to make sense of, and predict human behaviour in response to changes in life conditions. SDi provided useful insights on managing complexity within the Victorian community.

SenateSHJ developed a whole-of-government implementation plan and an internal communication plan for DHS (as the lead agency), with supporting implementation strategies to complement the World Health Organization and Commonwealth Government strategies. In designing the strategy and plans, we conducted extensive community research and stakeholder engagement with health professionals, government staff and community leaders.

Our approach was described as innovative, strategic and motivating. One of our biggest achievements was to bring together stakeholders with very different views to agree to the communication strategy, protocols and implementation priorities.

This strategy remains a ‘living’ document that can be updated in line with any related policy, legislative or status changes.

Our supporting collateral was adopted by all government departments and agencies and is highly visible within the Victorian Government (for example, the hand washing poster which appears in most shared areas in Victorian Government facilities).