Crisis communications

We have deep expertise in crisis communication - helping organisations emerge from some of the most challenging crises with their reputation and business intact.

Protecting an organisation’s reputation during a crisis is one of the most important jobs of senior management, but effective crisis communication can also be one of the most difficult.

Our crisis communication specialists have extensive experience developing reputational strategies for corporate and government agencies, ensuring ‘full preparation’ for the best and worst scenarios. This includes risk assessment and crisis training.

Our work on behalf of clients has included:

  • responding to the devastating Christchurch earthquakes
  • running crisis simulations for exploration and mining companies such as Newcrest Mining in Australia
  • managing a perceived failure of the New Zealand 111 national emergency line
  • providing counsel to Australia’s emergency communications service during a high-profile and potentially damaging court proceeding
  • managing a response to a stranded ship off the New Zealand coastline that created an oil spill affecting beaches and wildlife
  • managing issues associated with the Pike River Mine explosion
  • working with the Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment to support its employees on the ground and drive risk communication following Black Saturday.

We also help clients prepare for the worst, and have facilitated or participated in a variety of crisis communication simulations with a range of public and private sector organisations..

SenateSHJ’s Reputation in New Zealand survey identified that although 60% of organisations surveyed  have crisis communication plans and discuss reputation management regularly, they do not rehearse possible situations regularly, nor do they train senior staff to confidently front a higher and more public response.

We believe that the most effective crisis communication response can only be delivered by a senior team that is well-prepared. That means having a clear view of your organisation’s capability in this area, assigning crisis roles in advance that play to people’s strengths, and rehearsing these, at the very least, once a year.

Our thorough understanding of crisis communication, stakeholder management and the media will help prepare your organisation to work constructively in a crisis, ensuring you reach the right audiences with the right information.

Our crisis communication services include:

  • issues monitoring
  • audits of risks and crisis preparedness
  • development of crisis procedures
  • scenario planning and facilitation
  • management training
  • maintaining a 24/7 emergency response line if needed.

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