Content, social and digital

Content, social and digital

Our specialist content marketing and social media consultancy, Kamber, helps clients behave in ways that make them valued online participants.

Kamber specialises in:

Digital, content and social media strategy
More often than not, you’ll be told where to be online, but not how to behave once you get there. We focus on how you can sustainably create and curate content that helps you reach the right people and adds value to the communities you operate in.

Social media communities and conversations
Social media has been both a blessing and a curse for brands and businesses all over the globe. We give your social media presence a purpose and deliver experiences that encourage genuine advocacy while minimising potential risks.

Digital content and production services
The explosion of social media has provided brands and businesses with an opportunity to be bona fide publishers, but the content often misses the mark. We focus on producing content and digital assets that reflect the needs and preferences of your audience, generating better cut-through and engagement.

Video seeding, content distribution and influencer outreach
There’s no point creating great content if no-one can find it and interact with it. We use a combination of unique processes and tools to put your content in front of the right people.

Monitoring and analytics
53% of people recommend products on Twitter and Facebook users share 2.5 billion pieces of content per day. But, how do you cut through the noise and identify the conversations that are relevant? We know what to listen for, which tools to use, and how to use this data to shape your online behaviour.

Social media training and workshops
Social media platforms change by the day. User behaviour changes just as quickly. So, how do you keep up? We offer a range of social media training, workshop and facilitation programs to help with education, skills and general knowledge.

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