Our services

Excellent reputations form the basis of excellent business, whether you operate in the corporate, government or not-for-profit sector.

At SenateSHJ, we are dedicated to the idea that every business in any sector should devote time and resources to understanding its reputation, considering how it might best be developed, and finding ways to ensure it is supported at senior levels.

Capability building

We provide corporate communication training and coaching courses to help your people communicate clearly and effectively.

Change Communication

We can ensure your change communication program leads to success because we know how organisational and human change works.

Content, social and digital

Content, social and digital

Our specialist content marketing and social media consultancy, Kamber, helps clients behave in ways that make them valued online participants.

Corporate communication

We bring smart thinking to corporate communications, using rigorous problem solving techniques to help you protect and build your reputation.

Crisis communications

We have deep expertise in crisis communication - helping organisations emerge from some of the most challenging crises with their reputation and business intact.

Financial communication

We understand that corporate reputation and good communication contribute to share price, and we can help you deliver both.

Government communication

We can help you create and execute a government relations strategy to make your story heard by decision-makers across the political spectrum.


We understand the complexities inherent in the pharma and healthcare sectors and have expertise in creating award-winning, influential healthcare campaigns.

Image showing Public relations in Australia and New Zealand

Public relations in Australia and New Zealand

SenateSHJ is an award-winning public relations consultancy with offices across New Zealand and Australia.

Regional and rural communication

We are experts in tailoring communications to suit the audience and understand the diverse interests of communities beyond city limits.

Social marketing

We help you understand your audience, and create social marketing initiatives that lead to positive behaviour change on social issues.