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31 March 2016

Don’t we all want our blog posts, articles, white papers, special reports or even books to be eagerly anticipated and actionable? Maybe even considered true thought leadership? Then why is there so much “noise” and so few “signals” being communicated these days? What if we committed to sharing only impactful, insightful writing in 2016 and beyond?

23 March 2016


*Ab actu ad posse valet illatio

American political maths suggests either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will soon be the most powerful person on the planet – the next President of the United States.

23 March 2016

This week we say farewell to Simone Bell, who has been at the helm of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) since November 2011.

Under her guidance, we have seen PRINZ continue to develop as a vibrant and active organisation which contributes to the development of our profession, and particularly young professionals.

16 March 2016

Corporate reputation risk on the rise

Businesses are finding reputation harder to manage than ever before, but are underinvesting in protecting this primary asset, according to research undertaken by SenateSHJ.

3 March 2016

With a decline in print media, an increase in media partnerships and a rise in content marketing, there are some who will tell you that communicators rely too heavily on building rapport with reporters. We now have an ecosystem of bloggers, influencers, social media celebrities and online publications that can just as easily write up a story.

Cognito 22 February 2016

Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi *

America’s primary season kicked off this month with several caucuses in the lead-up to “Super Tuesday” on March 1, when nominations from around a quarter of all states are up for grabs.


10 February 2016

Partner Craig Badings on why we should all wise up to the power of thought leadership. 

Five years ago I conducted one-on-one research with the top six Australian law firms on their views of thought leadership and how they were using it.

Most were grappling with it and the reasons ranged across: 


People have moved on from manufactured performances and slick brands, writes SenateSHJ Chief Executive Neil Green. In 2016, we will seek real stories from real people. He shares the Australasian communications consultancy’s annual top ten predictions for the issues and trends that will shape the year ahead. 

17 December 2015

Auckland partner Julien Leys argues that clear communications, which cut through the complexity of climate change issues, will help unlock the benefits of the Paris agreement. 

The recent Conference of Parties (COP 21 – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that met in Paris to reach an agreement to stabilise climate change has been the most meaningful progress to date by the governments of the world.


15 December 2015

Neil Green, SenateSHJ’s Chief Executive, reflects on the company’s predictions for 2015 – and discovers that our search for heroes and hope was both dashed and kindled throughout the year.